Metal Recycling
We provide metal recycling in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have ever wondered how to recycle metal, we have your answer right here.
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Scrap Metal Prices
We provide accurate scrap metal prices in Indianapolis, Indiana. Scrap metal dealers are a dime a dozen; but here at Zore's we are .
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Auto Recycling
We are auto recyclers in Indianapolis, IN. If you have an old junk car that you would like to sell; we pay cash for cars! We can recycle
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Eletronic Recycling
If you are interested in electronic recycling in Indianapolis, Indiana, call Zore’s Recycling at 317- 244-0700 today.
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Copper Recycling
Our company facilitates copper recycling in Indianapolis and its surround areas. We offer the most accurate and honest copper
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Metal Recycling Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

Zore’s Metal Recycling Center in Indianapolis, Indiana combines recycling and disposal services in one! We are one of the leading recycling companies in Indianapolis and for the past 80 years have been helping Hoosiers with their metal recycling needs. Our metal recycling services include:
Our family owned Indiana based recycling business provides these recycling services for both business and residents of Indianapolis. Our services help people from all over the state such as contractors, manufacturers, municipalities, utility companies, and residential communities. We are dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and reducing landfill overflows; while helping other companies and residents get rid of their unwanted waste and metal. For more information about Zore’s Metal Recycling Center in Indianapolis, Indiana; call 317-244-0700 today!

Recycling and Disposal Services:

Metal Recycling Indianapolis INWe offer recycling and disposal services in Indianapolis, IN. Zore’s Recycling is Indy’s most efficient source for full-service scrap and metal recycling. Our company facilitates dependable and responsible processing of all recyclable materials; including metal, e waste, old cars, appliances, restaurant equipment, cans, bottles, miscellaneous scrap, and more. You can help us towards our goal of smart resource management and re-usage for the benefit of our planet by recycling your scrap today! Call 317-244-0700 for details about our recycling and disposal services in Indianapolis, IN.
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