Metal Recycling
We provide metal recycling in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have ever wondered how to recycle metal, we have your answer right here.
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Scrap Metal Prices
We provide accurate scrap metal prices in Indianapolis, Indiana. Scrap metal dealers are a dime a dozen; but here at Zore's we are .
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Auto Recycling
We are auto recyclers in Indianapolis, IN. If you have an old junk car that you would like to sell; we pay cash for cars! We can recycle
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Eletronic Recycling
If you are interested in electronic recycling in Indianapolis, Indiana, call Zore’s Recycling at 317- 244-0700 today.
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Copper Recycling
Our company facilitates copper recycling in Indianapolis and its surround areas. We offer the most accurate and honest copper
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Copper Recycling Indianapolis

Our company facilitates copper recycling in Indianapolis and its surround areas. We offer the most accurate and honest copper metal recycling prices in Indiana. We accept all forms of true copper in any fashion; including plumbing components, electrical gadgets, computers, and more. Copper, after iron and aluminum, is the third leading metal produced in the world; and is in constant high demand. It is beneficial to recycle copper and reduce over-mining and production. To learn about the qualities of copper, check out our Metals We Recycle page. Otherwise, call us today for more information about copper recycling in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Recycling Copper in Indiana

Copper Recycling Indianapolis IndianaRecycling copper in Indiana is easy! Just call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 today. We can give you all the information you need about the price of copper, recycling insulated copper wire, copper recycling, and more. We have been in the recycling industry for over 50 years; and continue to follow honest and ethical business practices just like our predecessors. We are happy to discuss the process of recycling copper in Indiana with you anytime!

Interesting Facts about Copper:

  • Copper, unlike most raw materials, is often used in its true form. Other raw materials have alloys added to the base metals.
  • Copper is more resistant to corrosion and high conductivity.
  • Common uses of copper include plumbing pipes, heating pipes, and electrical wire.
  • Numerous ancient artifacts have been found made of Bronze; which is copper and iron melded together. It is one of the first known metals to be used by man.
  • The average car contains up to 50lbs of copper.
  • Higher plant and animal life use and require tiny traces of copper for nutrition. Miniscule amounts can even be found in human livers, muscles, and bones.
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