Top Aluminum Can Facts That Will Motivate You to Recycle

The world produces and consumes an unimaginable amount of aluminum each year. Don’t believe it? Continue reading to learn the top aluminum can facts that will shock you so much, you will be motivated to start your own home or office recycling initiative right away!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700
Indianapolis Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Mining and Production of Aluminum Ore

Aluminum is a metal that is derived from the Earth’s crust. Aluminum metal is a silver-like in color, as well as, malleable, nonmagnetic, and ductile. These desirable properties provide a wide range of advantages for society, which in turn gives aluminum infinite applications in various industries all across the world, including manufacturing, construction, electronics, automotive, food and beverage, medical technology, art, and much more. In fact, it is hard to identify an industry that does not rely on aluminum metal in some form or another.

But did you know that the process of mining and producing aluminum takes more energy than any other metal? It’s true! The amount of energy used to produce just 4 cans of soda is hypothetically equal to filling up a single soda can with gasoline.

Here are some additional aluminum facts that will make you think twice before tossing your next soda can into the trash:

♻ Soda and Beer

Among all of society, an average of 200 billion aluminum cans are consumed in just soda and beer alone. This number breaks down to 6,700 cans per second! Another way to comprehend this gigantic value: hypothetically, we could wrap a single-file line of cans around the perimeter of the world every 17 hours.

♻ Energy Consumption

To produce 1 million tons of aluminum cans from natural materials, 5 million tons of bauxite ore is required. This has the energy equivalency of 32 million barrels of crude oil! In contrast, recycling aluminum cans saves all of our natural bauxite deposits, as well as, more than 75% of the energy. It also reduces nearly 75% of the related pollutant emissions.

♻ Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and can be recycled, infinitely! In fact, nearly 75% of all the aluminum ever produced is still being used to this very day. An average of 105,800 aluminum cans are recycled every minute in the United States. In 2011 alone, enough aluminum was recycled to have produced 13 aircraft carriers!

Recycling just 1 aluminum can saves enough electricity to run a laptop computer for 4 hours or power your television for 1 hour. That is a lot of saved energy! If you recycle aluminum for just one year, it is virtually equivalent to 6 years of power!

Where to Recycle Aluminum

Don’t just stop at cans! Aluminum comes in all sorts of versions. From power tools and electronics, to junk cars, appliances, sheet metal, and more, aluminum can be recycled in any form or condition! All you have to do is contact a local and reputable Indianapolis metal recycling center to recycle your junk metal for cash on the spot! That’s right; recycling metal earns you instant cash!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700
Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling division at 317-244-0700 to recycle metal in Indianapolis, Indiana for cash. We have been a family owned and operated company for over 75 years, and continue to make customer satisfaction our number one goal in our metal recycling division. And to make recycling easier for you, we offer several customer conveniences at no extra charge! Request a free estimate, today.

8 Grades of Aluminum and their Common Applications

Aluminum Recycling 317-244-0700

Aluminum Recycling 317-244-0700

Aluminum is a low-density, silver-colored metal that can be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. There are eight grades of aluminum, all of which retain unique qualities that differentiate them from one another. It is important to choose the right grade of aluminum for the intended application. Take a look at the several types of aluminum, and see for yourself the many uses they have in today’s manufacturing and construction world.

Pure Aluminum

Commercially pure aluminum is called Alloy 1100, and is soft and malleable. This makes it perfect for applications that call for difficult forming of metal. Although it is non-heat treatable, it can be welded using any other method. It is admired for its corrosion-resistant qualities, as well as, its ductility and color.

Alloy 2011

This grade of aluminum retains high mechanical strength, making it perfect for machining applications. Also referred to as “free machining alloy (FMA)”, this metal is a great choice for any projects that are carried out on automatic lathes, and for production of complex and intricate parts.

Alloy 2014

Also very strong and retaining high machining capabilities, Alloy 2014 is an aluminum grade metal that is commonly used for aerospace structural applications since it is highly resistant to corrosion.

Alloy 2024

This grade of aluminum is the one of the most commonly used aluminum alloys due to its high strength and fatigue resistance. Projects that require good strength to weight ratio are best matched with this grade of aluminum.

Alloy 3003

Alloy 3003 is the most commonly used grade of aluminum. It is commercially pure, but also contains manganese to increase its strength. The added manganese makes this aluminum 20% stronger than allow 1100, or pure aluminum.

Alloy 5052

Out of all the non-heat treatable grades, this grade of aluminum is the strongest, and its fatigue resistance is higher than most other grades as well. Since it has a notable resistance to salt water corrosion, it is commonly used in marine applications.

Alloy 6061

This grade of aluminum is the most versatile out of all the heat treatable aluminum alloys. Not only does it retain an excellence resistance to corrosion, it also has a wide range of useful mechanical properties. In the annealed condition, it has great malleability and can be welded by all methods, including furnace brazed.

Alloy 6063

This is commonly referred to architectural alloy since it is retains high tensile properties and excellent finishing characteristics. Also being very resistant to corrosion, this aluminum grade is a perfect match for interior and exterior architectural applications, architectural trim, and even anodizing applications.

Alloy 7075

As one of the highest strength aluminum alloys on the market, Alloy 7075 also has a great strength to weight ratio. This is why it is perfect for high stress parts. It can be shaped in the annealed condition, and heat treated too. Spot and flash welding are the recommended methods.

Recycle Aluminum in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle aluminum in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all types of metal, especially aluminum. Aluminum recycling is easy to do when you call us! Recycle cans, sheet metal, and more for a profit. You can also recycle all other types of metals and commodities, including cars, equipment, tools, appliances, and more! Call 317-244-0700 for information about
aluminum recycling services in Indianapolis, IN.

Which Metals are Highly Conductive?

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

There are several types of metal on Earth, some naturally-occurring, while others man-made alloys. Either way, all metals retain certain qualities that set them apart from one another. And these qualities give certain types of metal certain purposes and uses. For example, ferrous metals are magnetic, and used in technologies that require their magnetic qualities. Other metals, like copper, are great conductors of electricity and heat. This is one of the most prized qualities and vital technologies of our modern-day society! Although all metals can conduct electricity, some perform this ability better than others.

Continue reading to learn more about copper and other highly conductive metals found on Earth today.

Silver and Gold

Although gold is most known for its beauty and resistance to corrosion, it is also a decent conductor of electricity. But gold is not as conductive as copper. Another interesting metal that is a very good conductor of electricity is another precious metal, silver. Pure silver is probably the best electricity conductor, with the exception that it tarnishes quickly and easily. This is why copper is used in most electrical manufacturing applications.


Copper is one of the most common, naturally-occurring metals used in electronics and electrical conductor technology today. It is a soft, malleable, ductile, and highly conductive metal that is best distinguished by its reddish-orange hue. It is a primary material used in the manufacturing of anodes, rods, electrodes, electrical wiring, computer circuit board parts, and much more.

Not only is it an excellent conductor of electricity, copper also has high thermal conductivity. Copper is such a good electrical conductor that many metals are measured against copper to identify their electrical conductivity level. This “measure” is called the International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS).


Based on the International Annealed Copper Standard…

#1 PURE SILVER 105% Conductivity
#2 COPPER 100% Conductivity
#3 PURE GOLD 70% Conductivity
#4 ALUMINUM 61% Conductivity
#5 BRASS 28% Conductivity

No matter what percentage of conductivity a metal retains, it can be recycle and reused to make new commodities. Be sure to recycle all of your metal to reduce the need to mine for new materials and natural resources. Not only can you help the environment by recycling junk scrap metal, you can make fast cash while doing it too!

Zore’s Recycling

Metal Recycling Services Indianapolis Indiana 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Services 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle scrap metal for cash in Indianapolis. We pay top dollar for all metals, no matter its condition. We accept vehicles, equipment, sheet metal, electrical wiring, computers, auto parts, power tools, appliances, and much more. And yes, we pay cash on the spot for your recyclable metal! Call 317-244-0700 to learn how you can sell scrap metal in Indianapolis for cash today.

The Top Three Most Recyclable Metals in Your Home

Indianapolis Copper Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Copper Recycling 317-244-0700

If you are getting ready to jump aboard the Eco-friendly train, a great place to start is recycling! Recycling is easy and does so much good for the environment by reducing landfill space, preserving our natural resources, and more. The best part about recycling is that it’s quick and effortless, so anyone can do it! All you need is a little preparation and recycling knowledge to get started. To begin, it is helpful to know what items can and should be recycled, and which of those items you have in your home.

The usual recyclable items include paper, plastic, and glass. But there is one other common recyclable material that many people overlook: metal! Metal can be recycled and reused over and over again, making it one of the best materials to recycle. There are several recycle metals found right in your home that you might not be aware of! Continue reading to learn what the top three most recyclable metals are in your home, as well as, examples of common goods made from them.

Metal Recycling

The three most recyclable types of metal in your home are copper, steel, and aluminum. Anything made from or containing either of these metals, and more, can be recycled and reused. Even if something is covered in a bunch of plastic, if it contains metal inside, it is a good candidate for recycling. Just be sure you are recycling the right items at the right places. Items that are made just of metal, like food cans, can be dropped off at your local recycling pickup station or other designated neighborhood recycling drop-offs. Whereas, larger items or items that contain metal inside should be taken to a metal recycling center for scrapping; including appliances, car parts, and more.

Recyclable Items Containing Copper, Steel, or Aluminum:

• Major Appliances
• Minor Appliances
• Stereos and Radios
• Electrical Wiring
• Food Cans
• Soda Cans
• Power Tools
• Ladders
• Scrap Metal
• Scooters
• Bicycles
• Jungle Gyms/Swing Sets
• Automotive Parts
• Junk Cars
• Window Frames
• Doors
• Computers/Laptops
• Plumbing Pipes
• Bathroom Fixtures
• Sinks
• Metal Railings
• Circuit Boards
• Cell Phones
• And More

Recycle Metal in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle metal in Indianapolis. We are a professional scrap metal recycling center that has served the Hoosier community for over 75 years. We accept and recycle all metals, in any condition, and pay cash on the spot for them! Recycle junk cars, boats, construction equipment, power tools, old electronics, and more for an instant profit. We provide the most honest and fair quotes for scrap metal, based on current market prices. Call 317-244-0700 for information about scrap metal recycling services in Indianapolis, IN today.

How is Scrap Metal Recycled?

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Scrap metal has many roles and agendas in today’s society. It can be reclaimed from junked or wrecked vehicles, old construction equipment, power tools, discarded sheet metal, broken appliances, jewelry, electronics, soda cans, and much more. Many times, scrap metal centers dismantle commodities such as these, and then re-sell their parts or send them to a processing plant for recycling. Continue reading to learn how the metal recycling process actually works and the societal benefits it offers.

Sorting Scrap Metal

Generally, when scrap metal arrives at a processing plant, it is mixed in with other recyclables; like wood, plastic, rubber, and paper materials. In order to extract the metal pieces from the rest of the reclaimed materials, all contents must be sifted through. A giant shredding machine is commonly used for this purpose, either shredding everything except the metal, or using magnetic technology to pull the metal away from everything else. When all is said and done, the processing plant should have a pure-metal pile aside from the mixture they started with.

Recycling Scrap Metal

When metal is sifted, extracted, and thoroughly cleaned, it can then be smelted down to a liquid form and reused in later applications. In order to melt metal, it must be heated to extremely high temperatures. For this, metal recycling plants use giant industrial-sized furnace-like machines that burn at incredibly high temperatures. Not only does this melt metal, it cleans it of any leftover impurities or films. Liquid metal is poured into molds so that it is easily distributable, reusable, and manageable.

Zore’s Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

If you wish to recycle scrap metal in Indianapolis, call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 today. We are happy to answer your questions about selling scrap metal for cash on the spot. We offer the highest returns for all types of recyclable metal. Call 317-244-0700 and learn more about scrap metal recycling in Indianapolis, IN today.

Top Ten Global Manufacturers of Aluminum

Aluminum Recycling 317-244-0700

Aluminum Recycling 317-244-0700

Aluminum is a widely used metal in several economies all across the world. It is highly desired for its flexibility in several industries and its vast number of uses. Aluminum is a soft, ductile metal, with a silvery-white shiny finish. It’s non-magnetic, resistant to corrosion, and retains low density. Aluminum is the third most plentiful and available naturally-occurring metal in the world, making up nearly eight percent of the Earth’s crust.

In today’s society, there are thousands of manufacturers of aluminum, and in this blog, we’ll identify and discuss the world’s top ten!

World-Wide Aluminum and Alumina Manufacturers

The United Company RUSAL is the industry leader among the top ten manufacturers of alumina, exporting products to over 70 countries, world-wide. They retain nearly 13 percent of the world’s aluminum market, and more than 16 percent of the world’s alumina market. Established in 2007, UC RUSAL was a result of a merger among RUSAL, Glencore, and SUAL and has more than 100,000 employees throughout 17 countries.

Alcoa is another top leader of alumina manufacturing, aluminum products, and primary aluminum. They have their hands in several industries, such as aerospace, automotive, construction, packaging, commercial transportation, engineering solutions, and much more.

Here are the 8 remaining leaders in aluminum and alumina manufacturing:

Dubal – Dubai, Saudi Arabia aluminum manufacturer and largest in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Alcan – A Canadian company, more than 100 years old and one of the largest manufacturers of structural and packaging materials.

Century Aluminum – Founded by Glencore, a Swiss-owned company, this head office can be found in Monterey, California.

Hydro Aluminum – A downstream unified company that is a unit of two principle businesses, Norsk Hydro, with major alumina assets in Jamaica and Brazil.

BHP Billiton –They are the largest mining company in the world that was formed in 2001 as a result of a company merger between the British listed Billiton and the Australian Broken Hill Proprietary Company.

Chalco – Also referred to as the Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, this company is the only alumina manufacturer in China.

Rio Tinto Group – Also a mining company that manufactures aluminum, its head office lies in Brisbane, Australia.

Aluminum Bahrain B. S. C. – Also referred to as Alba, this company is one of the largest aluminum smelting companies in the world and produces around 2 percent of the world’s aluminum.

Aluminum Recycling in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 for aluminum recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our metal recycling company offers the fairest and most honest returns for aluminum scrap metal based on the current market values. We pay cash for recyclable aluminum sheet metal, appliances, tools, and more. Reduce the need for mining and help to preserve our natural resource by recycling scrap metal
in Indianapolis

Why Did the Price of Aluminum Fall Recently?

Aluminum is a popular and widely-used metal for several industries and markets. Smaller commodities like soda cans, tools, eye glasses, gutters, packaging, and so forth are common aluminum products; whereas, larger ones like airplanes, high-speed trains, cars, trucks, construction equipment, and more make up a huge part of the aluminum market as well. Recently, the price of aluminum has fallen drastically, sparking questions about its changing values. There are several factors, both economic and organic, that influence the price of aluminum and other metals.

Continue reading to learn more about these factors, and why the current value of aluminum might be so low.

Indianapolis Aluminum Recycling
Indianapolis Aluminum Recycling

Factors that Influence the Price of Metal

Because aluminum metal is used in several industries across the world, its demand is constantly changing. Changes in demand are the root of the rise and fall of aluminum prices. The industries that use the majority of alumina in the world are the ones that influence these prices the most, and for a few different reasons. Here are the industries that use the most alumina, or produce the most aluminum, and the reasons their demand for the metal might fluctuate:

Construction and Building

The construction and architectural industries make up a large part of the demand for aluminum. In most modernized countries, more than 25% of all aluminum produced ends up being used in the construction markets. The demand for aluminum increases as residential, commercial, and industrial construction rates increase. And when demand for aluminum increases, the price for it does as well. When construction markets are at a low production rate, the demand for such metal might decrease, rendering lower prices for aluminum.


In almost all developed countries, the transportation market makes up a majority of demand for aluminum. Cars, trains, airplanes, buses, and more are all made with aluminum. Car manufacturers like General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford are using more and more aluminum for car production for lighter cars, compact vehicles, and smaller trucks. Vehicles were once made with primarily steel, but now more than 300 pounds of aluminum can be found in current make and model cars and trucks. Since the use of aluminum in automobile manufacturing is becoming more and more popular, the demand will increase, along with the price.

Energy Prices

The cost of energy can greatly influence the cost of aluminum. The reason for this is that the production of aluminum requires a constant supply of electricity. In fact, more than 25 percent of the cost of producing aluminum is energy usage. If the cost of energy increases, it means the cost of smelting alumina does as well. If the production process for aluminum costs more, then the result would be either an increase in price, or a drop in demand.

Aluminum Recycling Services in Indianapolis

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 for easy aluminum recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are an experienced metal recycling company that offers the most convenient aluminum recycling services around. We accept all commodities made from aluminum, such as soda cans, food cans, cars, construction equipment, appliances, sheet metal, and much more. Call 317-244-0700 to learn how to earn cash on the spot when you recycle aluminum in Indianapolis, Indiana.