Valuable Metals You Can Recycle for Cash

There are thousands of items that can be recycled, from paper and plastic, to metals, motors, and more. Some things can even be recycled for cash! Continue reading to learn some ideas on what you can recycle around your home or office for a cash payoff.

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Scrap Metal

Anything made of metal can be recycled and repurposed.This includes both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Ferrous metals contain iron, such as steel, iron, and other similar alloys. Non-ferrous do not contain iron, and include copper, aluminum, nickel, brass, tin, lead, and much more.

There are hundreds of items that you can find around the house or office that are made of metal. Consider recycling things like soda cans, pens, nail clippers, jewelry, tools, and paper clips. Some metals can sometimes be worth money, especially high valued ones, such as platinum, gold, and silver. Some Indianapolis scrap metal buyers pay cash for scrap metal and metal commodities.

Appliances and Electronics

There are many unusual commodities that you wouldn’t think to recycle, but can actually render you a pretty profit. If you have old or broken appliances and electronics, consider yourself lucky! These items can be recycled for the valuable metals inside them, such as copper, steel, and more. Appliances like refrigerators, kitchen hood systems, ovens, ranges, stoves, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, toasters, blenders, pots, pans, fans, and more are all accepted by most local recycling centers.

Other items to think about recycling include old or broken electronics. Things like cell phones, laptops, computers, pagers, clocks, radios, televisions, VCR’s, power tools, and anything else run on electricity can be recycled for cash on the spot.

Junk Cars

Once a vehicle reaches its age limit, or is totaled, it may no longer be functional, but it is recyclable! If you own a car, truck, or any other type of motorized asset, you can recycle it at a local Cash for Cars Company for cash on the spot. Companies typically accept vehicles, tractors, construction equipment, farming equipment, watercrafts, scooters, motorcycles, golf carts, and anything else that uses fuel and runs on a motor.

How to Get Started

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle scrap metal and make some fast money at the same time. We are a professional Indianapolis scrap metal recycling center that accepts and recycles all metals in any condition. Best of all, we pay cash on the spot for them! Recycle all sorts of stuff, including sheet metal and beams, cars, boats, construction equipment, power tools, old electronics, and more! Request a free estimate, today.

Learn How Zore’s Makes Scrap Metal Recycling Easy For You

If you have scrap metal and metal-containing commodities that you no longer want, you can sell them for instant cash at Zore’s Inc. metal reprocessing division. There are hundreds of scrap metal buyers to choose from in Indy, but there is only one that can make the process easy, convenient, and most important, profitable!

Continue below to learn why Zore’s Inc. is your best source for scrap metal selling in Indianapolis!

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Why Choose Us

Not only do we have over 90 years of experience as a business, we also provide fast and friendly service, and honest and fair payouts. Furthermore, our certified scrap metal buyers retain the latest technologies in the metal processing industry, including state-of-the-art electronic weight scales!

Metals We Buy

Zore’s Inc. scrap metal buying division accepts all metal and metal commodities, regardless of age or condition. We purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, including precious metals, as well as, anything that contains high amounts of metal, such as vehicles, automotive parts, appliances, electronics, construction equipment, and more!

Our Metal Recycling Services:

➞ Metal Processing
➞ Aluminum Recycling
➞ Appliance Recycling
➞ Auto Recycling
➞ Copper Recycling
➞ Electronic Recycling
➞ E-Waste Recycling
➞ X-Ray Equipment Recycling
➞ Restaurant Equipment Recycling
➞ Medical Industry Recycling
➞ Construction Site Recycling
➞ Manufacturing Recycling Technology
➞ Plumbing Material Recycling
➞ Metal Waste Recycling
➞ Public Recycling
➞ Residential Recycling
➞ Commercial Recycling
➞ Industrial Recycling
➞ Municipal Recycling
➞ Wire Cable Recycling
➞ Container Service
➞ Multi-Sized Containers
➞ Dumpster Service
➞ Roll Off Service
➞ Recovery and Salvage Services
➞ Construction Debris Services


How to Get Started

We make metal recycling as easy as possible for our customers. All you have to do is contact our office at 317-244-0700 and speak with a qualified company representative about your scrap metal. You will receive a free, over-the-phone quote, and instructions on how to set up an on-site evaluation for a more accurate estimate.

If you have something large to sell, such as a junk car or farming equipment, we will schedule a time to pick it up and haul it away, free of charge! We have our own in-house towing truck so that you don’t have to worry about transporting your large scrap commodity to us!

Contact Us Today

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle scrap metal for cash in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay top dollar for all metals, regardless of age or condition. We buy vehicles, equipment, sheet metal, electrical wiring, computers, auto parts, power tools, appliances, and much more. And we guarantee to pay you cash on the spot!

The Three Definitions of a Base Metal

Base metals are primarily found in the jewelry industry, but are also quite prevalent in various other manufacturing industries. Continue reading to learn how base metals are defined, which metals fall under this category, and more.

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Base Metals Defined

Technically, there is not just one definition of a base metal. In fact, there are three definitions, and each one is exercised depending on the application of the metal. The most popular and common definition of base metals are those that are not noble nor precious in nature. Noble metals and precious metals are quite similar, and also have multiple definitions and applications. To better understand the meaning of a base metal, you will need to review the basic meanings of noble and precious metals first.

Noble Metals

Noble metals include both precious and non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, so they are resistant to several elements and subsequent damage, including humidity, chemicals, oxidation, and more. Precious metals are naturally-occurring and retain higher economic value. Noble metals are metals that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist conditions, namely humidity.

Copper is the only non-precious metal that is also a noble metal by the actual physics definition. But this is arguable since copper is vulnerable to both corrosion and oxidation. Other examples of noble metals include copper, gold, silver, iridium, platinum, rhodium, rhenium, palladium, ruthenium, osmium, mercury.

Precious Metals

A precious metal is any pure metal that is rare and occurs naturally in the environment. They are made up of natural chemical elements that retain high economic value. From a chemical standpoint, precious metals do not react as much as other elements do; in fact, they are usually ductile. Precious metals are high in luster and shine; which made them popular forms of currency in historical times. In today’s society, precious metals are viewed more as an investment or industrial commodity.

The most universally known precious metals are the chief coinage metals, gold and silver. Other examples of precious metals include platinum, rhodium, palladium, ruthenium, osmium, zirconium, beryllium, cadmium, bismuth, tungsten, selenium, mercury, cobalt, and germanium.

Secondary and Tertiary Definitions

Another common definition of base metals are metals that are a prime metallic element in an alloy. For example, bronze metal is mostly made up of copper, so copper would be the base metal of bronze. A third definition sometimes used to define base metals is the metal core underlying a coating. For example, nickel has been plated with iron or brass throughout history. In another example, galvanized steel is often coated with zinc.

The most commonly considered base metals are copper, tin, aluminum, nickel, zinc, and lead. However, according to the United States Customs and Border Protection, iron, steel, aluminum, molybdenum, tungsten, and several other “transition metals” are also considered base metals.

Recycle Scrap Metal for Cash!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

If you have scrap metal laying around, sell it to Zore’s Recycling for cash on the spot! We accept all metals and metal commodities, including sheet metal, piping, electrical wiring, motorized vehicles, auto parts, construction equipment, major appliances, power tools, watercrafts, and more. We are the scrap metal recycling center Hoosiers trust. Call 317-244-0700 for a free offer for your scrap metal in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Can You Make Money from Recycling Metal?

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Recycling is a fantastic trend that only progresses the Green movement. It is also a great way to make a few extra bucks. A person can recycle old clothing to second hand boutique stores for some quick cash, or other items; like toys, furniture, plastic bottles, newspaper, and more. But what about metal? Many people wonder how they can make money by recycling scrap metal or metal things for extra income.

The answer is actually very easy. The hard part is determining which metal items you own are worth money. All metal items are basically recyclable and reusable, but some metal is higher in value than others. Continue reading to learn more about how to recycle metal for cash and who to call to get this done the fastest.

Recycling Scrap Metal for Money

Once you understand that this is a real thing and you really can recycle metal for cash, you must figure out where you can do this at. This step comes before gathering your recyclable because not all scrap metals are accepted and bought. The best place to start is by calling a local scrap metal yard or metal recycling company. Yes, these do indeed exist. Simply look for them in a local directory or ask for a referral from a trustworthy source. These metal recycling companies and junk metal yards retain the proper equipment and tools to break these metal components and items down to produce a universal and reusable product. Not all of these companies offer the same returns, so it is best to call around and look for the highest offer. These offers will mostly depend on a variety of factors; including:

• The Type of Metal
• The Rarity of the Metal
• The Weight and Size
• Additionally Requested Services (i.e. pick-up, loading, transporting, etc.)

The next step, once you find a few companies to choose from, is to determine what metal items you have and want to recycle. There are several different types of metal, and several items that are made of metal that can be recycled. In fact, there are many things made from metal that can be recycled for cash that not many people know about.

For example, bed frames, washer and dryers, stoves, ovens, blenders, jewelry, electrical gadgets, and even cars can be recycled! Metal like tin, copper, steel, aluminum, brass, iron, nickel, and chromium can be bought and recycled. Also, precious metals like gold, silver, zirconium, tungsten, and cobalt can be recycled. Scrap metal recycling companies will buy these items from you and recycle them for reuse. It is a wonderful commodity in today’s age!

Call Zore’s Recycling if you want the highest return for metal recycling!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call 317-244-0700 and get free estimates for the metal items you have and wish to recycle for cash. We offer various services to assist people in recycling larger items; such as pick up and loading services, and more. If you are interested in learning more about scrap metal recycling, call 317-244-0700 today.

Forget the Spark Test and Opt for an XRF Metal Analyzer Instead!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Have you ever wondered how metal refineries and scrap yards detect which metals they are buying? Before innovative technologies were available, like an XRF Analyzer, anyone who wanted to know what alloys were in their scrap metal had to use the age-old “spark test.”

But in order to even read spark test results accurately, you have to know what to look for. This is because the spark test is gauged by the color, intensity, and consistency of a spark produced from the metal. These variables tell a person what metals are in the scrap they have. So experience is essential to not only performing,
but reading a spark test.

For this reason, an XRF Analyzer, and other devices like it, have become a popular technology in the metal recycling and refining industry. Not only are they easier to administer and comprehend, they are much more accurate. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative metal detecting device, and who to call for the best return on investment for your junk metal.

X-Ray Fluorescence Metal Detectors

The device known as an XRF Metal Analyzer is a tool that can automatically detect what alloys exist in metal objects. The acronym “XRF” stands for “x-ray fluorescence” since the technology works by passing fluorescent x-rays over the object to read the elements inside. It shoots small amounts of radiation into the metal, which allows it to learn the objects composition. The science, although quite complex, is very effective.

They can read almost all alloys and metals, including:

• Tungsten
• Aluminum
• Steel
• Iron
• Nickel
• Cobalt
• Copper
• Brass
• Precious Metals
• And More

Since the cost of such devices are so high (usually in the tens of thousands), many scrappers do not own one. But serious scrapper do because they are an incredible technology that is highly lucrative for the metal buying and selling industry. If you are a serious scrapper, or wish to sell scrap metal, you want your freight analyzed with excellent technology like XRF metal analyzers.

Zore’s Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to sell scrap metal in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been in business for over 75 years, and use the latest technologies and state of the art equipment to deliver accurate estimates and the highest returns for all types of scrap metal. Call 317-244-0700 to learn about our Indianapolis scrap metal recycling center, today.