Countries That Have the Most Natural Metal Deposits

Metal recycling is an important initiative because our planet has a fixed, and therefore, limited supply of natural metal ores and elemental deposits. Once these natural stores are gone, we will only be left with the metal materials we have manufactured and mined throughout all our human reign. Fortunately, metal is 100% recyclable and reusable, so as long as we continue to contribute to this vital environmental endeavor, we are staying ahead of the risk of using up all of Earth’s natural metal resources.

Continue reading to learn where our planet houses the most natural metal deposits, and where you can get paid cash for your scrap metal in Central Indiana.

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Russian Mining Complex


Australia is not at the top of the list for alphabetical reasons. Australia retains the largest natural deposits of iron-ore in the world. They have an astonishing 17% of the accessible reserves of iron ore on the planet.


The country of Brazil is known as the world’s 2nd largest iron-ore reserves. In fact, they make up 12% of the world’s total production of iron-ore.


Primarily coming from Central Russia, Siberia, and the Urals, Russia accounts for the 3rd largest metal reserves in the world.


Not only does China have the most reserves of rare earth minerals, estimated around 44 million Metric Tons (MT), they also have the 4th largest iron ore reserves in the world.


India comes in at the 5th largest reserves of iron ore in the world. In fact, in 2015 alone, they produced over 156,000,000 metric tons (MT).


The Ukraine has the 7th largest natural deposits of iron-ore in the world. They have an astounding 18% of the available reserves of iron ore on the planet.

United States

We come in 8th on the list of countries with the highest amount of natural metal reserves; and that’s not too bad! States like Utah, Minnesota, and Michigan produce the most, with an estimated 46,000,000 metric tons in 2015.


As for Canada, they are pretty much equivalent to the United States in iron-ore production.

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