Should I Buy a Recycled Never-Deployed Airbag?

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When a car is sold to a junk car lot, it is often times damaged or totaled. But just because the car or truck is deemed a total loss does not mean that all of its parts are completely useless. When a vehicle is considered totaled, it is not always due to a severe collision or impact. Sometimes, basic mechanical problems will render a car junked. In these cases, never-deployed airbags can most likely be reused in another vehicle.

Many automotive parts can be purchased at a junk car or metal recycling center at a fraction of their market values. And airbags are a common commodity offered for sale at such locations. The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not it is safe to purchase and install a used, but never-deployed, airbag as a replacement for their recently deployed airbag. Continue reading for the answer.

Recycled Airbags

If an airbag has never been deployed, it is still in its original condition. So after used, never-deployed airbags are sent through a strict and concentrated inspection and certification process, they are generally a safe purchase. It is just very important to choose a trusted, reputable vendor to ensure your airbag is quality-assured.

Where to Look

The most common places to procure a used, never-deployed air bag is a new car dealership. This is because their used or refurbished auto parts are almost always backed by a guarantee. Also, buying from a mainstream car dealership costs much more, usually between $900 and $2000 for an airbag. So it is recommended to seek out other vendors that offer similar guarantees and warranties on auto parts. Because new car dealerships are not the only ones who offer them.

Better Prices

Local junk car lots and scrap metal recycling centers are prime examples of companies that often sell or buy used auto parts, OEM auto parts, and new auto parts at discounted prices. Many of which even provide warranties on their products. These vendors are a cost-effective alternative to paying high dealership prices for an OEM never-deployed airbag.

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