Which Metals Are the Most Valuable in Junk Cars?

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-244-0700

If a person has a junk car in the garage that has been taking up too much room for too long, it is time to make a decision. There are various options this person would have when it comes to getting rid of their junk car. They can recycle it, try to re-sell it, have it hauled away as trash, turn it into garden décor, or disassemble it for parts and scrap each piece for cash!

In the case that a person chooses to strip their junk car and sell it part by part, it is important that they retain the proper tools and materials it requires to accomplish this task themselves. In the case that a person does not have the knowledge, experience, assistance, or tools to take a junk car apart, it is highly recommended to scrap the vehicle as a whole or simply recycle it for the good of the environment.

As our example continues, if this this person decides to strip their car for parts and sell it to a scrap metal processing center, they have a fantastic opportunity to make some great cash. There are various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals found inside automobiles; some of which retain high market value, while other parts make up for their lower values in quantity. Continue reading to learn about some of the most beneficial and valuable alloy metal found inside your vehicle, and how to sell it to a scrap metal junk car lot for cash on the spot!

Platinum Car Parts

If a junk car still retains its catalytic converter, there is a good chance it contains the precious metal, Platinum. Many catalytic converters use Platinum as its catalyst; while others use Rhodium or Palladium instead (which is also extremely valuable). Platinum is categorized as a precious metal due to its rare properties and economic monetary value. A catalytic converter alone can guarantee a person some big bucks at a scrap metal yard.

This is because Platinum is a very useful metal, serving countless industries in significant ways. It can be reused over and over again, without losing any value. It is an exceptional natural commodity that our society takes full advantage of when it can. Depending on the company, scrap yards can offer you different cash values for platinum, specifically, catalytic converters. Be sure to do ample research and choose a company that has a good and long-standing reputation.

Iron and Steel

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-244-0700

It is estimated that nearly 65 percent of the materials used to manufacture a vehicle is a steel alloy. Steel is one of the primary metals found in a junk car, and can be reused and recycled just like Platinum, Rhodium, and Palladium. Although steel does not bring in as much money as these precious metals, it makes up for that in quantity, as mentioned earlier. Steel car components include but are not limited to: parts of the body, chassis, frame, wheels, and more. In the automotive manufacturing business, steel is
admired for its durability, strength,
resistance to rust, and more.

Iron is another metal found in junk cars that can be sold to scrap metal yards for cash. Iron is heavy, and is used less in today’s automotive manufacturing industry. This means it is found primarily in older models. However, even in modern cars, iron alloys can be found, stripped, and sold as scrap metal. Most if these parts are found in the engine. Although it is a heavy metal, it is highly durable, so it was mostly used to make engine parts in older cars.

Aluminum and Copper

Aluminum is opposite of iron in that it is a light weight metal. It is used extensively in today’s automotive manufacturing industry in place of iron and other heavier constituents. It light weight is beneficial because it reduces pollution levels and fuel consumption. Aluminum is mostly found in engines, radiators, cylinder heads, pistons, and wheel rims. It offers the strength needed for these areas, without adding excess weight.

When it comes to copper, there are various auto parts to consider. Radiators, wiring, alternators, starters, moving engine parts, and more can all potentially be made of copper. Copper is in high demand because it services so many industries and retains so many uses. This is another valuable metal that can be stripped from a junk car and sold to a scrap metal recycling company for cash!

So if a person can successfully extract all these valuable metals and car parts from their junk car, they are possibly setting themselves up for a hefty pay-day. That is, if they choose reputable and experienced scrap metal buyers.

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Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

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