How to Dispose of Scrap Rebar

Rebar is a phenomenal construction material. It is used to reinforce concrete, allowing such structures to withstand heavy amounts of weight. Although typically used for concrete construction and reinforcement, rebar is used in several other applications too. The thing with rebar is, you always seem to have leftovers. Construction scrap is more challenging to deal with compared to regular garbage because it is so bulky, heavy, and in some cases, hazardous. When you have leftover scrap rebar, there is only one easy solution for disposal.

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Types of Rebar

There are 5 primary types of rebar used in the construction and building industry. These include stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized, epoxy-coated, and wire mesh, also called expanded sheet metal rebar.

Stainless Steel Rebar – Used mostly with expansion joints for bridges, roads, piers, and similar heavy-load bearing structures. It is resistant to inclement weather and corrosion.

Carbon Steel Rebar – Closely similar to stainless steel, except cheaper. Highly versatile and reliable, but lacks sufficient resistance to moisture.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Rebar (HDG) – These are dipped in zinc, which protects against oxidation, otherwise known as rusting.  

Epoxy-Coated Rebar – Similar to galvanized rebar, except it has a stronger, thicker coating that can stand up to wear and tear during handling.

Wire Mesh – Unlike these other rounded rebars, wire mesh rebar is in sheet metal form. Mostly used in lighter concrete construction and reinforcement applications.

Scrap Metal Buyers in Indianapolis and Surrounding Counties

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