What is the Difference Between Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Steel?

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In the metal buying industry, the common question of hot and cold-rolled steel often arises. Buyers want to know the difference between these two types of steel, as well as, the differences between the manufacturing and galvanization processes. Knowing this information puts sellers and buyers in a position to make a more educated decision. There are some basic fluctuations between the two types of metal, regarding the make-up and manufacturing process. Continue reading to learn the difference between hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel.

Hot Rolling

Hot-rolled metal goes through a mill process called hot rolling. During this process, steel is rolled in temperatures higher than steel’s re-crystallization temperatures (usually above 1700 Degrees Fahrenheit!) to achieve easier malleability and ductility. This also allows steel to be manufactured in large sizes for commercial and industrial uses. Since the manufacturing process of hot-rolled steel does not require reheating of the metal, production costs are lower, making hot-rolled steel cheaper than cold-rolled steel.

However, hot malleable metal eventually cools, and when it does, it also shrinks a bit, making final dimensions harder to control. This is one reason why hot-rolled steel is generally used in construction applications that do not require specific shapes and capacities (i.e. railroad tracks and I-beams).

Cold Rolling

Cold-rolled steel is basically the exact same as hot-rolled steel, but with the addition of further processing. The hot-rolled steel is taken to cold reduction mills for room-temperature cooling; and then the steel is put through a galvanization and/or tempers rolling process to harden and strengthen it. Cold-rolled steel allows for more dimension-control capabilities, as well as, a wider range of surface finishes.

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Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

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