Which Metals are Magnetic?

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Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metals can be put into one of two categories: Ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Ferrous metals are those that contain traces of iron. In fact, the term “ferrous” literally means “of or contain iron.” And with this being said, you can correctly assume that “non-ferrous” means there is no iron content present within a metal. We mention these facts because it helps to remember which metals are magnetic and which are not. You see, there are numerous types of metal that have magnetic properties, so long as they contain one or more of the metals listed below.

Magnetic Metals

• Iron
• Cobalt
• Nickel
• An Alloy or Mixture of Any One of the Above Metals

So this means that any metal that contains iron, cobalt, nickel, or a metal mixture that contains one of the three, is a ferrous metal, and also, magnetic. These metals are “ferromagnetic” or “ferrimagnetic” materials. Their magnetic capabilities and properties are strong enough for them to be considered ferromagnetic. A naturally-occurring magnetic mineral, used in the early days of compass manufacturing, is called lodestone. It is the only natural magnet.

Even electromagnetism, which sends electrical currents through coils, uses ferromagnetic materials to produce magnetic fields. For example, coils are often wrapped around steel or other ferromagnetic material. These coils are only magnetic when an electrical current is sent through them. The steel center allows for a stronger magnetic field. This technology is used prevalently in engines and turbines, as well as, a means to produce electricity.

It is important to preserve our natural resources the best we can, and metal recycling is a great way to achieve this! Magnetic metals, just like all other metals, are 100% recyclable. They can be smelted, melted, or reused in various industries all over the world. Contact a local scrap metal recycling center for details about recycling magnetic, ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and metal commodities (i.e. cars, appliances, electronics, etc.) in your neighborhood. You might even be able to pocket some cash for it!

Zore’s Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 for information about our metal recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer cash on the spot for scrap metal, junk cars, appliances, power tools, construction equipment, sheet metal, precious metal, and much more! We also offer free towing and haul-away services for junk car recycling! Call 317-244-0700 today to recycle metal in Indianapolis, IN.

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