Who Pays the Most Money for Scrap Metal in Indianapolis?

Zore’s Inc. is your one-stop-shop for everything scrap metal because we offer so many fantastic services. For more than 75 years, Zore’s Inc. has been a reputable company in Indianapolis, offering a wide variety of services, such as towing and recovery, auto auctions, body shop repairs, auto parts, and more. And for several decades, we have operated a successful metal recycling and processing division! If you are proud of your scrap metal stockpile, but unsure who will pay you the cash it is worth, you have come to the right place!

Zore’s Inc. recycling division will pay you the most money for scrap metal here in Indianapolis! Continue below to learn what we do, why you should choose us, and how to get started!

Indianapolis Scrap Metal Recycling Center
Indianapolis Scrap Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

We Buy, Sell, Process, and Recycle Metal in Indianapolis

Zore’s Inc. is a family owned and operated company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. For over 75 years, we have provided a wide range of trusted services for Hoosiers all across the state. And one of the most admired and popular services we offer today is cash for scrap metal!

Our Indianapolis scrappers accept all metal, including gold, platinum, copper, aluminum, steel, iron, precious metals, refractory metals, and more; and we will buy any of this metal from you! We will pay you cash on the spot for sheet metal, cars, trucks, boats, appliances, construction equipment, power tools, electronics, wiring, plumbing materials, and anything else with metal value.

We sell stuff too! Our Indy scrap metal buyers will sell you OEM used and refurbished auto parts at the most competitive prices in town. So, whether you need a new catalytic converter for your 1999 Honda Accord, or simply wish to dump that old fishing boat on your Granddad’s farm, we are the best source for junk metal removal and sales.

An Indianapolis Metal Recycling Center With the Capital to Pay You

You will definitely get the highest payout in Indianapolis for your scrap metal at Zore’s Recycling! We accept all types of metal, so hurry in today and start putting your junk metal to good use! We buy, sell, recycle, and process all sorts of junk and scrap metal, including vehicles! Regardless of your scrap metal needs, Zore’s Inc. is the metal recycling center that can meet us all! Whether you have an old junk car that isn’t worth much to you anymore, or a load of sheet metal, you can bet that it’s worth something at Zore’s Recycling center! We pay cash on the spot for anything made of metal, and we pay according to the current market prices of metal, so you know you are getting the fairest and most honest deal in town.

Do you have some metal junk you want to get rid of as soon as possible? Contact us at 317-244-0700 to request a free offer from one of our experienced scrap metal buyers in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer free junk car removal services too!

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Indianapolis Metal Recycling
Indianapolis Metal Recycling

How to Support Steel Sustainability

When it comes to steel manufacturing, the North American economy has a lot to be thankful for. Not only is steel a highly valuable and versatile element that delivers a wide range of qualities that can be applied to infinite industries and initiatives, it is 100% recyclable. In fact, many new steel products are likely to contain anywhere from 25% to 100% of recycled material. If you wish to help support our economy’s steel sustainability efforts, metal recycling is the easiest and quickest way to start contributing.

Continue reading to learn some important facts about steel and steel manufacturing, including how metal recycling can help the environment, your local community, and even your bank account.

Steel Metal Recycling
Indianapolis Steel Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Facts About Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, but sometimes contains other alloys, such as manganese or nickel, depending on the grade of steel it is. Accordingly, it’s properties will vary depending on the particular elements it contains. Mostly, iron is the base metal of all steel. However, when iron is melted down from ore, it retains more carbon than necessary. So, in order to become steel, the carbon must be reduced through reprocessing. Then other elements can be added to make it a certain type of steel.

Steel can be organized into four categories depending on certain physical, chemical, and environmental properties; all of which are determined by the amount of carbon and any additional alloys. These classifications of steel include carbon, alloy, stainless and tool. See our blog, “The Four Categories of Steel” to learn facts about each type of steel.

Steel is light in weight, yet retains high tensile strength. It is also magnetic, or ferrous. Because of its useful qualities, steel is mostly applied to manufacturing or construction of buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, trains, automobiles, machines, appliances, and weapons. When calculated through its entire life cycle, steel delivers a superior level of performance with the least amount of impact on our environment. It is lower in cost, and can be repurposed and reused, infinitely.

How to Recycle Steel

You can support our economy’s steel sustainability by recycling metal as often as you can. Not only is this great for the environment since it reduces the need to mine for new ores, it stimulates our economy by proving jobs. Additionally, metal recycling can put cash straight into your wallet. You see, many Indianapolis metal recycling centers pay cash on the spot for scrap metal. Anything made of steel or iron will get you a decent profit. See our blog, “Profitable Steel Recycling” to learn which steel commodities you can recycle and their estimated value.

So, how do you find a trusted metal recycling center that will pay you the most for your scrap metal? Simply trust the same metal recycling leaders that all other Hoosiers have for decades: Zore’s Recycling!

Indianapolis Steel Recycling Services

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to get started with profitable metal recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Not only has Zore’s Inc. been a family owned and operated company for over 75 years, we pay cash on the spot for your metal commodities. We accept cans, sheet metal, appliances, vehicles, auto parts, equipment, and more! Request a free estimate, today.

What are Red, Yellow and Green Metals?

On our planet, and within the core, lies hundreds of thousands of natural ores and minerals that we mine to make metal. Of the vast varieties of metals found within the Earth, all can be categorized as either ferrous or nonferrous. Ferrous metals and alloys contain iron, while nonferrous contain no iron.

Aside from these umbrella categories, metals can be further broken down into more intimate classifications and descriptions, such as precious and noble metals. But have you ever heard of metals being described using color? Well, it is possible that you have come across red metals, yellow metals, and even green metals!

Continue reading to learn facts about each type of metal, including examples and common applications.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling
Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Red Metals

Red metal is an informal term used to denote common alloys we know as copper, bronze, and brass. You can probably see quite well that all three of these alloys have a red-like tone, thus earning them the aforementioned moniker. Red metals have several beneficial attributes, such as corrosion resistance, high conductivity, high tensile strength, ductility, and aesthetics. For this reason, they are commonly used to make musical instruments, plumbing parts, wires, marine hardware, sculptures, and more.

Yellow Metals

Also known as Muntz metal, yellow metal is named after an English businessman, George F. Muntz, who received a patent in 1832. Although they may share some of the same types of metal, red and yellow metals are much different. Yellow metals is another informal moniker used to describe a type of brass alloy that contains an average composition of 60% copper and 40% zinc. It’s most common applications is for manufacturing corrosion-resistant machinery parts.

Green Metals

There are actually not metals known as “green” metals, however, you may have heard of electrum, which is often called “green gold.” Wikipedia.com describes electrum as “a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, with trace amounts of copper and other metals.” An alloy is a metal that is made up of two or more metals, such as brass, which contains copper and zinc. It’s most common applications throughout history, and even now, are for jewelry, plated plaques and awards, coinage, and investments.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to get paid cash on the spot for scrap metal, or any items that contain any type of metal, in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay top-dollar for power tools, sheet metal, appliances, cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, farm equipment, construction equipment, and more. And we guarantee to pay you cash on the spot! Call 317-244-0700 to make fast cash, today!

Is Bronze a Type of Metal?

Bronze is an alloy, meaning it is made from two or more elements, one of which being a metal. The primary metal in all bronze is copper, and the common addition is usually tin or aluminum; but the remaining composition can also be elements such as other metals and alloys (manganese, zinc, nickel), or even non-metals like silicon, arsenic, and phosphorus. In fact, several types of bronze exist, and each differ based on their additional elements and chemical compositions. Continue reading to learn more about bronze and its current uses in today’s world.

Bronze Recycling 317-244-0700

Bronze Recycling 317-244-0700

Bronze Ages

Bronze was among the first metals used by man, and can be dated all the way back to 3000 BC. Early civilizations used bronze to make everything from body armor to sculptures, and more. The properties of bronze metal were highly desirable for commodities such as these, as well as, weaponry, tools, building materials, and even fashion. Today, bronze and copper alloys are generally referred to as brass or considered a type of brass. Brass being copper and zinc combined. In today’s world, the lines are blurred between copper tin alloys and copper zinc alloys since bronze can be made with all three.

Properties of Bronze

Bronze is so popular for several purposes and commodities because of its beneficial properties. Bronze is mostly copper, but it becomes what we know as bronze when other elements are added, such as tin, aluminum, zinc, nickel, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, and arsenic. Modern bronze is mostly made of copper and tin, and sometimes small percentages of additional elements. But all of these elements can be mixed and matched and combine with copper to create a long list of different types of bronze alloys.

Here are a few attributes of bronze:

Harder than Copper and Iron
Strong and Durable
Lower Melting Point
Easily Fusible
Dull Gold-Like Color
Small Surface Rings

Common Bronzes

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to creating different compositions of bronze metal, but the most commonly-used in today’s society are modern bronze, bismuth bronze, plastic bronze, commercial bronze, architectural bronze, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, manganese bronze, and bell bronze.

Here is the composition information about each of the aforementioned bronze alloys:

Modern88% Copper 12% Tin
Bismuth52% Copper 30% Nickel 12% Zinc, 5% Lead, and 1% Bismuth
PlasticHigh Quantities of Lead
Commercial90% Copper 10% Zinc
Architectural57% Copper 3% Lead 40% Zinc
AluminumCombination of 5-11% Aluminum, Copper, and Varying Levels of Alloys like Manganese, Silicon, Iron, and Nickel
PhosphorCombination of Copper, 3.5-10% Tin, and Up to 1% Phosphorus
ManganeseCopper, Aluminum, Iron, and 2-5% Manganese
Bell78% Copper 22% Tin, Sulfide, and Stannite

Recycle Metal in Indianapolis

Choose a local Indianapolis metal recycling center to recycle copper, brass, and bronze scrap metal for a cash profit. You can find these kinds of metals in several commodities like cars, auto parts, appliances, electronics, and more! Whether broken, old, missing parts, or brand new, you can sell them for cash on the spot at your local trusted scrap metal recycling company.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling division at 317-244-0700 to recycle metal in Indianapolis, Indiana for cash. Zore’s Inc. has been a family owned and operated company for over 75 years, and continues to make customer satisfaction their number one goal in their metal recycling division. And to make recycling easier for you, they offer several customer conveniences at no extra charge! Call 317-244-0700 to request a free estimate, today.

Facts About Titanium Metal

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal is one of the most useful natural resources found on our planet. And newer metals are being formed all the time by combining them to make metal alloys. One of the most valuable metals on Earth is called Titanium.

Continue reading to learn some interesting facts about titanium metal and discover the important role it plays in our country’s many industries.

Finding Titanium

You would be surprised to learn all the places that titanium metal can be found, even just around your house. Items like dental implants, jewelry, eye wear, watches, and electronic protective cases are common items made with titanium. Other common items include drill bits, wrenches, bolts, and other tools. It is also a common element in motorcycle parts, like brake components, exhausts, clutch levers, and even handlebars.

Manufacturing Titanium

When titanium is manufactured, it produces a large amount of waste material known as “new scrap titanium.” This titanium scrap is often generated from aluminum manufacturers using titanium scrap to enhance casting and decrease cracking in aluminum alloys. In contrast, “old scrap titanium” is recycled titanium that comes from used components, like heat exchangers.

Recycling Titanium

When titanium is recycled, old scrap material is melted down at high levels of heat using vacuum arc reduction or cold-hearth melting. This produces titanium ingots, which are basically just small slabs or nuggets of titanium. From titanium manufacturing, a large amount of scrap is generated. Since titanium metal is 100% recyclable, it is vital to continue reusing and reprocessed titanium scrap, old or new.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to get paid cash on the spot for titanium scrap metal, or any items that contain any type of metal. We pay top-dollar for power tools, sheet metal, appliances, cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, farm equipment, construction equipment, and more! Call 317-244-0700 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis metal recycling, today. We will come pick up your scrap for free!

What are Noble Metals?

Precious Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Precious Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

When people hear the term, noble metal, they commonly think of precious metals. Although the name suggests superiority, noble metals are not all precious according to the technical physics definition. However, those who make this assumption wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Virtually all noble metals are in fact, precious, such as gold and silver. But noble metals and precious metals are not synonymous to one another. Continue reading to learn more about noble metals.

Noble Metals

Noble metals include both precious and non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, so they are resistant to several elements and subsequent damage, including humidity, chemicals, oxidation, and more. Precious metals are naturally-occurring and retain higher economic value. Noble metals are metals that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist conditions, namely humidity. Copper is the only non-precious metal that is also a noble metal by the actual physics definition. But this is arguable since copper is vulnerable to both corrosion and oxidation.

A more complete list of noble metals include:

✓ Gold
✓ Platinum
✓ Silver
✓ Rhodium
✓ Osmium
✓ Ruthenium
✓ Iridium
✓ Palladium
✓ Mercury
✓ Rhenium
✓ Copper

Noble metals are important because they are highly useful in advanced technologies, metallurgy, and ornamentation (jewelry and decor). They are high in value because they are so rare.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle metal in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all metal, including precious metals, non-ferrous metals, and ferrous metals. We also buy junk cars and motorized commodities! Call 317-277-0700 for Indianapolis scrap metal recycling, today.

How to Recycle Your Old License Plates

Aluminum Recycling 317-244-0700

Aluminum Recycling 317-244-0700

Whether you move to a new state, buy a new car, or want to update your vehicle’s style, there are many reasons to get a new license plate. But after some time, you are bound to wind up with a pile of license plates in storage. You can’t just throw them in the trash because that could lead to theft. And they really can’t serve a secondary purpose unless you use them for art decor. So how do you dispose of license plates safely and responsibly? Well license plates made of aluminum metal, so you can just recycle them!

Continue reading to learn how to recycle old license plates in your hometown.

Recycle License Plates

In the past, license plates were made from various other metals and metal alloys, as well as a few non-metal materials that may surprise you, including tin, porcelain, steel, and even soy-based fiberboard! But today, modern license plates are all made from aluminum, so they are a perfect commodity for recycling.

You have 3 basic options for recycling or safely disposing old license plates:

Visit your local DMV and return your old license plates. They will recycle them accordingly.

Mail your old license plates into your local DMV. Be sure to get proper address information.

Contact a local scrap metal recycling company to sell your license plates for cash on the spot!

Aluminum Metal Recycling

Aluminum is among the most recyclable metals on earth! Recycling aluminum saves an enormous amount of energy because it reduces the need to manufacture metal from virgin materials. It is even reported that carbon emissions are reduced by up to 85% when recycled aluminum are used in manufactured products. Any scrap metal recycling center will accept your old license plates, as well as, any other aluminum-containing objects, such as food cans, auto parts, ladders, bike frames, plumbing fixtures, window frames, and even utensils!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle aluminum license plates in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all scrap metal and metal commodities, including sheet metal, appliances, electronics, food cans, vehicles, auto parts, construction equipment, and more. Call 317-244-0700 to request free information about our profitable Indianapolis metal recycling services, today.

How to Protect Metal From Oxidation

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Rust is a type of corrosion that can form on metal as a result of water, iron, and oxygen coming together. It ranges from shades of red, orange, and brown, and can occur as a form of iron oxide on anything that is iron or iron alloy, including steel. And this isn’t bad simply for aesthetics. Although rust is unappealing, it is also highly damaging to your metal assets. Rust leads to metal expansion, which causes vulnerabilities in the structure as a whole. This is why rust prevention should be a top priority, especially for industries that use steel products.

Do you remember the Silver Bridge Tragedy of 1967? The rust formation was so great, the steel suspension bridge suddenly collapsed in under one minute! For this reason, rust prevention is a necessary part of caring for your metal investments. Continue reading for tips on how to protect metal from rust oxidation.

Rust-Resistant Alloys

When it comes to protecting rust-resistant alloys like stainless steel and weathering steel, the umbrella caution is rain and moisture exposure. By protecting your metal assets from the elements, you are in a good position to prevent unwanted rust formation. Stainless steel contains at least 11% chrome, which provides a chromium oxide shield against damaging effects like rust. And even if the film is damaged, it will re-form again! To enhance the level of protection against stainless steel, consider adding a nickel finish. As for weathering steel, or COR-TEN, it contains up to 20% of alloying agents. This includes chromium, but also copper, phosphate, and nickel. This creates a protective coating that prevents rust formation. And COR-TEN is typically less expensive than stainless steel!


Steel Recycling Indianapolis Indiana

Steel Recycling 317-244-0700

Similar to the protective coatings and films provided by the above-mentioned alloy elements, galvanization also creates a coating that acts as a shield against damaging effects like oxidation. But in contrast to alloying elements, galvanization uses an outside coat of metallic zinc. The process involves either hot-dip galvanizing or electroplating. Galvanization also provides sacrificial anode that takes on any rust formation in place of the actual metal.


Bluing is homogeneous to galvanization except rather than metallic zinc, metal is coated in a substance made from a solution of potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and water. When this technique is applied, it renders metal with a bluish-looking finish, hence the name “bluing.”

Additional Options:

♻ Organic Coating like Paint, Primer, or Sealer
♻ Dry Powder Coating like Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Vinyl, Epoxy and Urethane.
♻ Routine Care (i.e. cleaning, drying, etc.)

Don’t know what to do with your rusty old metal? Recycle it for cash!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 to recycle metal for cash in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all metal and metal commodities regardless of age, condition, type, or size. Give us your junk cars, car parts, appliances, electronics, piping, and more, all for a fast profit! Call 317-244-0700 to request a free quote for Indianapolis scrap metal recycling, today.

How to Recycle at the Office

The office can be busy, and workdays can be long. With this being said, it is understandable that many office staffs and employees don’t really make recycling a priority on a daily basis. In this blog, we will suggest some simple and effortless ways to achieve an Eco-friendly work environment by recycling, reusing, conserving, and more!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Recycling is Eco-Friendly

Recycling is a wonderful, eco-friendly method to conserving our natural resources, reducing waste, and protecting our environment. Even the smallest effort is a substantial contribution to the Eco-friendly world efforts, however, recycling goes far beyond your typical blue and yellow bins for glass, paper, and soda cans. There are easy and clever ways to recycle office supplies and more on a daily basis. Here are a few effective tips to encourage and facilitate office recycling:

Office Supplies

So many office supplies are thrown away and wasted on a daily basis, when in fact, there are several items that can not only be recycled, but reused! Items like manila folders, paper clips, and binders can all be reused, over and over again. There is no need to ever throw away paper clips! Folders will deteriorate and weaken overtime, understandably, so they can be recycled as paper! Reusing binders and more can reduce office waste by hundreds of dollars each year. Office managers are encouraged to place recycling bins and a box assigned for reusable office supplies in the common area of their work space to encourage this movement.

Plastic Items

So many plastics get tossed and thrown away when they can easily be washed and reused. Water cooler cups, plastic utensils, and more can be washed in the break room and reused again. This saves a great deal of money and helps reduce office waste. Managers may also encourage employees to bring reusable drink cups or thermoses to fill up, rather than using a plastic water cooler cup once and then throwing it away. Keep a plastic recycling bin in the office as well, for those who have plastic waste to toss.


Did you know you can use both sides of a piece of paper? Well then why don’t you! Almost 90% of paper used in a typical office workplace is thrown away after using only one side. Hand notes, grocery lists, meeting notes, and more are one-sided jobs, but you can also use that other side! Flip those sheets over and use the other side, reducing your paper waste by 50 percent! Also keep a recycling bin designated for paper waste to encourage Eco-friendly recycling.


This may be news to you, but there are various scrap metal recycling companies that accept all forms of junk metal. Some companies even pay cash on the spot for recyclable metal commodities. At the office, look for anything metal that you generally toss away, and save these items in a separate been to recycle at the end of every month. Then use the cash to order pizza’s for lunch for the entire office! Recyclable metal items around the office include electronics, laptops, computers, modems, fax machines, copiers, vending machines, HVAC equipment, microwaves, answering machines, keyboards, phones, remote controls, video recording devices, video surveillance, navigation equipment, speakers, circuit boards, electric wiring, paperclips, staples, and more. Whether destroyed, damaged, or brand-new, metal recycling companies will accept these items for reprocessing purposes.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-244-0700 to recycle metal in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our scrap metal division accepts all types of metal, including copper, iron, steel, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, chromium, and much more. Recycle everything from power tools and appliances, to sheet metal, vehicles, boats, and more; because we pay cash on the spot for all! Call 317-244-0700 to request an estimate for Indianapolis
metal recycling
, today.

Recycle Metal to Make Some Extra Holiday Cash!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

With the busy holiday season just ahead of us, there is no better time than right now to start saving up some cash for extra spending money. Whether you are a party-planning enthusiast who throws a Halloween bash every year, a cook who loves to cater to dinner guests on Thanksgiving, or a grandparent who tends to go a little overboard with Christmas gifts for the kiddies, extra money is always a good thing to have.

One of the best ways to make some fast cash, and clear out all the junk from your home at the same time, is to recycle metal! Any pieces of metal junk you have laying in or around your property is worth cash to many scrap metal buyers. Continue reading to learn what you can recycle for cash and where to go to get the best returns for your scrap metal!

Metals to Recycle

Virtually anything that contains metal can be sold for cash and recycled. Things like food cans, electronics, vehicles, auto parts, boats, power tools, appliances, sheet metal, electrical wiring, construction equipment, lawnmowers, trailers, instruments, plumbing pipe, and more, contain valuable amounts of metal that can be extracted, recycled, and reused. If you have any of these items in your home that you no longer use, consider selling them for instant profit! Keep in mind that the amount of money you receive is entirely dependent on two factors: 1) the amount you have, and 2) the current market value for metal.

Types of metal that are recyclable include:

And more

Scrap Metal Buyers

There are various outlets for selling scrap metal in your town. The most common include scrap metal recycling centers, junk yards, used car lots, metal refineries, and independent metal buyers. But be careful of fly-by-the-night metal buyers who scam and run. You want to choose a company that has a good and long-standing reputation within the community to ensure you receive honest and fair service.

One way to determine if a company is trustworthy is by their amount of experience. Companies that have been doing business for several decades are still in business because they are good at what they do and have been good to their clientele. So when you are ready to sell your scrap metal for cash, select an Indianapolis metal recycling center that has been in business for a long time and has the assets to prove
they are the real deal.

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call 317-244-0700 to recycle metal for cash in Indianapolis, Indiana. Zore’s Inc. has been a family owned and operated company for over 75 years, and continues to make customer satisfaction their number one goal in their metal recycling division. We pay cash on the spot for all the metals mentioned, and more! Call us at 317-244-0700 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis metal recycling, today.