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Zore’s Recycling offers a wide range of professional and EPA-quality scrap metal recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We stand apart from our industry contemporaries in size, scope, and sophistication of technology, which includes innovative infrared XRF analyzing equipment, flatbed electronic weight scales, baling systems, shredders, hydraulic generators, and magnet cranes. For more than 95 years, we have been testing and refining our recycling, melting, sorting, grating, and cleaning processes, all for the sole purpose of delivering the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

Whether a public, private, commercial, or industrial client, our fully-equipped scrapping teams have the right metal recycling and metal waste disposal solutions for you. Trust us to be your fast, convenient, and lucrative source for recycling metal in Indianapolis. As a company committed to environmental sustainability, you can also trust that your scrap will be handled and processed in adherence to all local and state laws, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Your Trusted Scrap Metal Recycling Center in Indianapolis
Just tell us how Zore’s Recycling can meet your scrapping needs and we will show you how it’s done! Does your construction company require roll off dumpster rental? Perhaps you are a school principal who needs to get rid of a load of obsolete electronics? Maybe you totaled your car, and you are looking for a reputable junk car buyer in Indianapolis? It could be that your family wants to start collecting and recycling aluminum cans together this year! Well, regardless of your metal recycling wishes, our fully-equipped scrap yard can fulfill them all and more!

Once you choose Zore’s Recycling, we pay you CASH ON THE SPOT for all the ferrous and nonferrous metal materials you want to get rid of. We also offer free haul-away services for larger cargoes, like vehicles, appliances, equipment, and loaded containers. So, when you want to sell scrap metal in Indianapolis, do what thousands of other satisfied Hoosiers have done before you. Contact us at 317-244-0700 for the most convenient service and competitive offer around.
Get the Most Money for Your Scrap Metal at Zore’s Recycling!
Trust Zore’s Recycling to deliver the maximum payout for your scrap metal and junk cars! Don’t forget about our residential and commercial container services, which offer a wide selection of dumpster rental and trailer roll off options in Indianapolis.
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Recycle Metal Indianapolis
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