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Metal Recycling Services
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Here at Zore’s Recycling, we aren’t your average reprocessing center. We stand apart from our industry contemporaries in size, scope, and sophistication of technology. Our compound has the latest advancements and resources to deliver fast, fair, and effective scrap metal recycling services for a wide range of industries throughout the city. Although located on the West side of Indianapolis, we provide our metal recycling services to the entire Central Indiana vicinity! This makes it easy for environmentally-conscience Hoosiers to choose Zore’s Recycling as their “go-to” scrap metal recycling company! And for all the money-motivated Hoosiers out there, don’t forget that we PAY CASH for your scrap metal and metal commodities!

If it’s made of metal or runs on fuel, we’ll buy it from you! Recycle anything and everything that fits into this description, including appliances, electronics, vehicles, fork lifts, tractors, motorcycles, boats, cans, circuit boards, copper wiring, plumbing fixtures, and more! We also provide demolition, recovery and salvage, and container services! There is simply no comparison in terms of proficiency, assets, and reliability. So make Zore’s Recycling your new scrap metal recycler this year! Call 317-244-0700 to request a free quote or more information about the metals we recycle and services we offer, today.
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  • Metal Processing
  • Aluminum Recycling
  • Appliance Recycling
  • Auto Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
  • Electronic Recycling
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • X-Ray Equipment Recycling
  • Restaurant Equipment Recycling
  • Medical Industry Recycling
  • Construction Site Recycling
  • Manufacturing Recycling Technology
  • Plumbing Material Recycling
  • Metal Waste Recycling
  • Public Recycling
  • Residential Recycling
  • Commercial Recycling
  • Industrial Recycling
  • Municipal Recycling
  • Wire Cable Recycling
  • And More!

Additional Services We Offer
  • Container Service
  • Multi-Sized Containers
  • Dumpster Service
  • Roll Off Service
  • Recovery and Salvage Services
  • Construction Debris Services
  • Automotive Parts
  • Power Tools
  • Farm/Construction Equipment
  • Sheet Metal
  • Instruments
  • Trailers/Dollies
  • Siding
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