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Zore’s Recycling is an independently owned and operated scrap metal recycling center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 1927, we have built our company based on a strict set of standards, aiming to raise the bar in the metal handling and processing industry, while also leading the industry in advances in safety and technology. We serve a wide spectrum of clients, including the general public, businesses, municipal clients, commercial clients, and industrial clients.

So, if you have been asking yourself, “where can I find a good scrap yard near me?”, you have made it to the right place. Our scrap metal dealers are 100% committed to delivering the highest levels of excellence for metal analyzing, processing, recycling, and cash payouts. That’s right; we pay cash on the spot when you sell us your disposable or unwanted metal materials. All you have to do is contact us at 317-244-0700 and request a free offer. Although based out of Indianapolis, we serve all of Central Indiana. And if your cargo is extra-large, like a vehicle or container, we will haul it away, free of charge!

Finally, you can free up those valuable storage spaces and garages of all your old and obsolete metal commodities, like appliances, electronics, cans, copper wire, car parts, bikes, window frames, roofing, building materials, and more. We also offer commercial and industrial alloy recycling services, including dumpster roll off and container services. If it is made of metal, we will gladly take it off your hands. There has never been a more convenient and profitable way to recycle scrap metal in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A Long History of Giving Back to Our Community
Zore’s Inc. was established in 1927, more than 95 years ago! We are among the oldest scrap metal recycling centers in the state, so we know a thing or two about the business. In addition to supporting environmental efforts to preserve our natural resources, reduce our need to mine for new ores, and support our local economies, our Indianapolis scrap metal company is also committed to several community service programs and local sponsorships throughout the state.

We gladly offer our campus to first response units, law enforcement, and fire departments for training, and we take part in a variety of safety awareness initiatives. We work closely with the Hoosier Helper Tool, as well as 9 different police departments throughout the city, including Boone, Hendricks, Clermont, Lebanon, Speedway, Avon, Whitestown, Plainfield, and the Indiana Police Department.

We love taking part in these important and valuable governmental training and safety programs, which is why we also sponsor multiple high school sports teams, even donating trucks for town parades, proms, homecoming games, and more! As local business owners born and raised in the Indy area, we believe it is important to express our gratitude to the communities we care so much about.

Help us continue to meet our environmental initiatives! Contact our office directly at 317-244-0400 to get started on your metal recycling program, today!
Trust Zore’s Recycling to deliver the maximum payout for your scrap metal and junk cars! Don’t forget about our residential and commercial container services, which offer a wide selection of dumpster rental and trailer roll off options in Indianapolis.
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