Learning About Radioactive Scrap Metal

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Have you heard the rumors about radioactive scrap metal? Well it’s actually not all that uncommon. It is true that negligible amounts of radioactivity somehow enter into metal refineries and scrap yards on a daily basis. But in small portions, this level of radioactivity is normal, and generally not harmful. In fact, it is virtually the same as the amount of radiation left over from having an X-ray taken.

But in rare cases, exposure from radioactive scrap metal can have damaging effects on those who work in the industry; such as product manufacturers, metal refiners, and scrap metal consumers. For this reason, it is important to know how to handle contaminated scrap metal. And the first place to start is educating yourself on what causes radiation in scrap metal and how it can be harmful.

Radiation Contamination

Although radioactive scrap metal is not uncommon, many recycling centers and scrap yards are inadequately-trained or inexperienced with handling it. So if you are aware that the scrap metal you have is contaminated, be sure to choose a company that knows what they are doing. This means finding a metal recycling center with experience.


There are many causes for metal radiation contamination, but one of the most impactful causes includes the mishandling of nuclear power plant waste and oil drilling equipment. It is also common for scrap yards to unknowingly purchase radioactive materials and then mishandle them by accident, causing leaks and exposure. This is one reason why so many scrap metal yards have sensitive radiation alarms on their property.

Damaging Effects

The most recognized effects of radiation exposure include skin burns, cancer, and death. It is well-known that radiation over-exposure is extremely dangerous and life-threatening if not fatal. But there are also economic losses that can occur as a result of contaminated scrap metal. For instance, a single radioactive source can contaminate and ruin an entire batch of metal.

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Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

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