What is the Current Value of Precious Metal?

Precious metal is referred to as “precious” for a reason. They are naturally occurring rare elements with highly desirable chemical qualities, and more. Many people think of jewelry when they hear the term, “precious metal”, but the truth is, you can find precious metal in several commodities we use today.

Things like electronic circuit boards, cell phones, DVD players, cameras, laboratory equipment, dental fillings, silverware, electronics, and much more! Precious metal in any form, retains the same economic value, depending on the metal, which is why many people choose to sell or trade precious metals for profit.

Continue reading to learn what today’s current economic value is for some of the most popular precious metals in society today, and who to call if you have precious metals you would like to sell for cash on the spot. Keep in mind that these values change slightly per minute but are accurate conjectures for the month and year.

Sell Precious Metal in Indianapolis Indiana 317-244-0700
Sell Precious Metal in Indianapolis Indiana 317-244-0700

2022 Precious Metal Market Prices


USA DOLLAR – $1,707.45 per Ounce

EURO – $1,711.29 per Ounce


USA DOLLAR – $19.77 per Ounce

EURO – $19.81 per Ounce


USA DOLLAR – $916.05 per Ounce

EURO – $918.11 per Ounce


USA DOLLAR – $2,215.30

EURO – $2,220.28

How to Sell Precious Scrap Metal in Indianapolis

If you have commodities or items made from any of the above metals, or other forms of precious alloys, don’t trust a pawn shop. They don’t have the capital to pay you the fair value for your precious metals. Instead, contact your local Indianapolis metal recycling center to sell and profit from them for some extra income. Some companies offer checks, but others offer clients cash on the spot!

Are you ready to make some fast cash for your precious scrap metal? Contact us at 317-244-0700 for professional and hassle-free scrap metal recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all scrap metal and junk!

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Is Precious Metal a Good Long-Term Investment?

Precious Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Precious Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

A precious metal is a naturally-occurring metallic chemical element. In modern society, a precious metal has high economic value, but that hasn’t changed much over time. Historically, precious metals were used as currency, so it is no surprise they are still used for investment purposes today. The most well-known precious metals are gold, silver, and platinum; but there are several others as well, including palladium, zirconium, tungsten, cobalt, chromium, beryllium, bismuth, germanium, iridium, rhodium, and much more.

As for modern investing, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the most common precious metals used, each retaining an ISO 4217 currency code. But are these a good long-term investment? Continue reading and decide for yourself!

The Ebbs and Flows of Demand

The demand for precious metal will rise and fall over and over again, overtime. But these ebbs and flows in metal values are not something to worry too much about. That is because precious metal will always remain a sold and forgiving investment, and can diverse your financial portfolio in a highly-complimentary way. Investing in precious metal can also offer protection against the risk of inflation and dollar depreciation. If you look at the history of precious metal values, you will notice that they have ultimately risen at or ahead of the rate of inflation. This will teach you that the value of precious metal rises slowly but steadily overtime.

Although purchased in cash, precious metals are not like stocks and other paper assets that can be subjected to certain obligations and requirements. Instead, they are private, tangible, liquid assets that are endowed with finite inherent value. And since you are in possession of the metals, you are not legally required to account for them in your portfolio for the government, banks, and financial institutions.

Recycle Precious Metal for Cash

Indianapolis Metal Recycling

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

If you have precious metal you would like to sell for cash, call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 today! We pay the highest returns for all metals based on current market prices, including precious, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals. As a family owned and operated company since 1927, you can trust us for honest and fair payouts for precious metal, scrap metal, and more in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whether you have an old catalytic converter or a useless diamond ring, we will pay you top-dollar for its precious elements! Call 317-244-0700 to speak with a friendly office attendant about precious metal recycling, today.