Are You Searching for Local Metal Recycling Centers in Indianapolis?

If you are searching for local metal recycling centers in Indianapolis, you have come to the right spot. Here at Zore’s Recycling, are Indianapolis metal recycling professionals are committed to setting the bar higher in the scrap metal recycling industry in terms of professionalism, convenience, and environmental preservation.

Continue below to learn why we are Indy’s first choice for scrap metal recycling services in Indianapolis, and how to get started with a free estimate for your junk metal goods today!

Scrap Metal Buyers Indianapolis Indiana 317-244-0700
Scrap Metal Buyers Indianapolis Indiana 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Indiana Scrap Metal Recycling

Zore’s Recycling pays cash on the spot for all metal and metal-containing commodities, including cans, cars, boats, construction equipment, farming equipment, wiring, plumbing scrap, and much more. If it’s made of metal or contains a whole bunch, we will pay you cash on the spot for it!

We also offer free estimates so you can learn the value of your scrap metal and metal belongings before making a final selling decision; all you have to do is stop in and see us! Conveniently located off of Mickley Avenue on the West side of Indianapolis, you will have no problem finding our scrap metal recycling compound! And our experienced scrap metal buyers are friendly and knowledgeable and will happily provide answers to your questions about copper metal processing, prices, and more.

Recycle Scrap Metal in Indiana

Best part of all, getting started is easy. Simply contact our office and request a free estimate or schedule a time to come into our complex to have your metal freight weighed in person. And for large metal cargoes, such as cars and similar size equipment, we provide FREE pickup and haul away service with our in-house tow trucks.

In comparison to all of our local and statewide competitors, Zore’s Recycling offers the most money for scrap metal and metal commodities, as well as customer conveniences and free amenities like towing estimates. As a family owned and operated business, we strongly believe in old-fashion values of quality, integrity, and respect.

In fact, they are the foundation our company was built upon. So, you can trust us to always practice good business ethics and offer cash payouts based on the current scrap metal economy. Furthermore, we combine our expertise of the industry with the latest advancements in technology to facilitate safe and responsible scrap metal services at any size or scope.

Are you ready to make some fast cash for your scrap metal? Contact us at 317-244-0700 for professional and hassle-free scrap metal recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all scrap metal and junk!

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Indianapolis Metal Recycling
Indianapolis Metal Recycling

What Things Should I Recycle?

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

Metal Recycling Center 317-244-0700

There are so many materials, objects, items, products, appliances, and more that can be recycled. The fact that you are asking yourself this very important question is a wonderful contribution to the world of environmental awareness and conservation! Recycling is easy and simple to do; and you can get started recycling as soon as today! Continue reading to learn what you can recycle and how to get started recycling in your community this summer.

Things that Can Be Recycled

For a complete list of recyclables, feel free to contact your local municipal departments for township references and instructions. Some cities provide recycling pickup services, while others provide a drop-off location that residents can bring their recycling. Unfortunately, some communities do not offer wither of these; but no need to worry! You can simply bring your recycling to the next town over who does offer public recycling services and drop-off zones.

Here is a broad list of materials and common items that can be recycled for the conservation and preservation of our natural resources:


• Newspaper
• Magazines
• Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Etc.
• Cardboard
• Wrapping Paper
• Tissue
• Paper Packages
• Junk Mail
• And More


• Aluminum Cans
• Soda Cans
• Sheet Metal
• Bed Frames
• Appliances (i.e. microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, etc.)
• Cars and Trucks
• Automotive Parts
• Electrical Wiring
• Computers, Laptops, Cell Phones, Pagers, Etc.
• And More


• Jars
• Dishware
• Mirrors
• Bottles
• Chandeliers
• Windshields
• Windows
• Doors
• And More

Do you part for the environment and the well-being of your community, and start recycling today! Not only can you help preserve and protect our natural resources, you can make some extra cash as well! If you have metal materials and items that you wish to recycle, call your local Indianapolis Scrap Metal Recycling Center and make money doing it!

Indianapolis Metal Recycling Services

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Indianapolis Metal Recycling 317-244-0700

Call Zore’s Recycling at 317-244-0700 for the highest cash return for metal recycling in Indianapolis, Indiana today. We pay cash for recyclable scrap metal; such as cars, construction equipment, appliances, computers, and more! If you want the most cash for your scrap metal, Zore’s Recycling can give it to you as soon as right now! We provide free pickup and haul-away services, and pay cash on the spot.